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Re-imagining the patient experience. Shaping healthier communities. 用技术驱动的设计改善人类的生活条件.

IBI Healthcare+ 描述我们在医院内外实现福祉的前景. We work to re-imagine the patient experience, create healthier communities, 并通过技术驱动的设计来改善人类的状况. 我们通过关注家庭健康、公共领域健康和数字空间健康来实现这一目标.

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Health beyond hospitals

负担得起的按需医疗保健解决方案是新的期望. AG平台相信在离家更近的地方提供护理, through accessible, 灵活的模式使临床医生和患者都受益.

Embedding health into our communities

Finding new ways to put patients first.

Meet the IBI Healthcare+ experts

我们将系统思考带到患者体验的最前沿. Our products include:

Norbury Lounge Chair

这种符合人体工程学的设计是专门为心理健康单位创造的,在那里治疗, safety, comfort, 对环境的尊重对病人的康复至关重要.

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我们的BedPod是一个高质量的预制模块化护理空间,可以快速安装,对患者的干扰最小, and no loss of beds. 

Learn more about BedPod

MedBed Head

我们灵活的家庭床头系统无缝集成了各种诊断设备, medication, and connected support into domestic settings.

Learn more about MedBed Head
View Women’s College Hospital project

Women’s College Hospital

Toronto, ON

人们称赞这家医院的设计是为了让人们远离医院, Women’s College Hospital is an ambulatory, 最大限度地提高未来灵活性并优先考虑以妇女为中心的服务的护理设施.

View Queen Elizabeth University & Royal Hospital For Children project

Queen Elizabeth University & Royal Hospital For Children

Glasgow, UK

At 170,000 square metres, this ‘super hospital’ is not only one of the largest healthcare developments ever commissioned in the UK, providing over 1,300张床位和苏格兰最大的急诊科之一, but also a bold addition to the Glasgow skyline 也是更广泛的经济和社会复兴的催化剂.

View McGill University Health Centre project

McGill University Health Centre

Montreal, QC

AG平台领导了这个雄心勃勃的项目的建筑结构和总体规划工作,该项目在格伦校区重组了麦吉尔大学健康中心(MUHC)的五个机构:蒙特利尔儿童医院, the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Cancer Centre, the Research Institute, and the Montreal Chest Institute.

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